Barbara W. Watler
Textile Art Series
NEW WORKS: These diverse and unique images are created in the artist's mind. By highlighting and allowing them to fill my mind I can give them an emphasis which is often neglected by the viewer's desire to identify and isolate images. My "job" is to in some way confuse the viewer's eye while at the same time rewarding it with image recognition. I like using techniques that take old world processes and present them to today's technologically oriented viewer

ABSTRACT: My current works contain a more minimalist aesthetic allowing the limited subject matter to become varied, complex and fascinating.  Each work is spare, elegant and secure in the integrity of its individual identity.  Power lies in rhythms that vibrate within and saturate the senses.

LEAF: Leaves like many of nature’s designs are always one of a kind.  The differences and the similarities in the veining supply much variety and new challenges for execution.  The vivid colors of the many tropical plants that surround my home are a great inspiration.

TREE: I use the classical technique of reverse applique  to execute decidedly contemporary graphic depictions of natural  forms and phenomena.  I like the complexity of nature’s intersections which outline shapes that repeat irregularly throughout these compositions.  They have a chaotic patterning reminding me of an unknown language which somehow transmits a sense of serenity

FINGERPRINT: Now numbering more than 50 quilts, this series continues to grow and transform.  These are large abstract maps of individuality that are uniquely one of a kind and stand equally well alone or together.


NARRATIVE: Stitching multiple layers of cloth together with several techniques combines the traditional with the new.  Fine mixed media painting along with both hand and machine stitching to produces universally appealing wall hangings.  These are stitched art works that contain mixtures of obvious metaphors, ancient references and modern icons.

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